Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis & Hemp


Name: Lisa Repko
Position: Vice President for Development, Thomas Jefferson University & Planned Giving, Office of Institutional Advancement
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Paving a Bold New Path in Medical Research

Cannabis and hemp represent a bold new frontier in healthcare. The idea of developing a full-fledged center dedicated to shaping the future of this emerging field is quintessentially Jefferson, and definitively unique. As the nation’s first comprehensive academic resource for education, research, and practice in the therapeutic use of cannabinoids, the Lambert Center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp fits right into our 200-year history of innovation in academic medicine. Staffed by industry experts, the Center has set us on a trailblazing path of research and discovery in this exciting new field, paving the way for high-impact discoveries, future-focused educational opportunities, and innovative new technologies that will improve the lives of our patients.

The Lambert Center launched in 2016 thanks to a transformational gift to Jefferson, and philanthropy remains a cornerstone of the program. Your generosity can help us launch essential proof-of-concept studies, recruit thought leaders to our ranks, and accelerate the translation of scientific breakthroughs into new therapies and treatments. Together, we can redefine what is humanly possible in this exciting new discipline.